Why Is Shopify Payments the Best Payment Processing Service in UK and Australia

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Businesses in the UK and Australia using the Shopify platform to sell products online can take advantage of Shopify payments to access credit and debit card payments, payments via social media channels, and in-person. Read and find out more!

If you’ve spent some time searching around, looking for an ecommerce cart solution, POS system or a payment processing service, you know that Shopify is the number one shopping cart solution. The main reason is that it provides high-quality solutions to a wide range of businesses and brands.

Using Shopify gives you access to web hosting, customer service, administrative abilities, web design tools, inventory management features, and much more.

With Shopify Payments, you can access built-in payment processing options. Shopify Payments allows you to start accepting credit cards immediately so you won’t have to worry about integrating a third-party processor.

Businesses in UK, Australia, US, and all over the world using the Shopify platform to sell products online can take advantage of Shopify payments to access credit can debit card payments, payment via social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and etc, as well as, in-person payments.

Shopify Payments is the ideal credit card processing service for your online store. When you use the Shopify platform to accept credit card transactions, you will get a clear history of all of your receivables. This will help you manage your expenses, monthly costs, and extra fees. The payouts are deposited into your account within three days.

Here are 3 reasons why Shopify is the #1 choice for online businesses in the UK and Australia:

  1. Turn your website into a store: Not only you can capture payments instantly, but you can also turn your website into a fully functioning store. The Shopify Payments gateway is approved for your store and you can accept all credit cards without any complications.
  2. Run a secure retail store: You can adopt Shopify POS and manage your orders, inventory, and payments like a pro. The sales transactions meet high-security standards – level 1 PCI compliance.
  3. Turn your smartphone into a cash register: Download Shopify app and track all of your credit card payments on-the-go.

What’s great about the Shopify platform is that it offers 14-day free trial you must try! Enter your email address, start the free trial, and ensure Shopify Payments is the best payment processing service for your business.