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Are You ‘Broke’? Here Are the Top 3 Free POS Systems You Can Install When Running an Online Venture in the UK and Australia

Shrinking budgets or being ‘broke’ is a common state in business. As an entrepreneur in the UK, Australia, or any other country, you will experience downtimes in your venture. Your sales will go down, and you will earn limited revenue. Despite this, your business must remain efficient and effective. You must ensure your customers have a reason to smile, you have real-time information, and efficient inventory management. In this essence, having a POS system is not optional, you must try to find the best POS System for 2019.

However, toiling on crisis and paying some percentage on every transaction is a bad idea. Probably, you’re in this situation. Now, you want an option that can help you reduce the selling point system charges. For this reason, you found this article. Well, finding a free point of sale system can be a good idea. If this is your case, here are the top 3 free POS systems you can install in your business:



Do you have or own a smartphone, iPhone or a PC? Probably, you want a selling point system that you can access from anywhere at any time. If so, Imonggo is a good option. This free POS system enables you to manage your inventories from any internet enabled device. However, the free option allows you to transact up 1000 items. Also, you can only operate it on one branch and only supports a single user. Despite this, the option integrates with your online accounting software such as Xero. It also comes with integrated inventory management features. Hence, it can save you some coins when you’re running a small business.



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Loyverse POS

With technology advancement, mobile devices are becoming essential business tools. As a webpreneur, you want to be part of this revolution. For this reason, you want a selling point system that is compatible with your business. A system that can run on a mobile device. If this is you, Loyverse POS is a good idea. This free Point of Sale system designed for mobile devices enhances your inventory management. The system comes with hardware to enable you to offer effective services in your in-stores. Also, it easily integrates with other selling point systems and credit card readers.  Hence, you do not need an over whole replacement of your system. It is works with various smartphone operating systems such as Windows, Android, and iOS. So, there’s no need to replace your mobile device to use it.


iPhone or a PC


Are you operating a small online business? If so, you can ascertain that tracking your orders and managing your inventories are not easy affairs. The process possesses challenges in your business.

As you know, the transaction ends at customer reception. If the product bought from your online store does not reach the customer’s destination, you will need to refund them or re-deliver it again at your cost. eHopper is the best free POS system to realize this goal.

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This point of sale offers you features for tracking your orders, managing the inventories and tips, and generating a report. Hence, you always have the right information for decision making. Also, if you are having challenges in moving your business to the virtual space, you can subscribe to the eHopper e-commerce solution. As such, you have a powerful option to manage your online business without spending extra coins.

Final thoughts

In a word, constraint budgets should not be a barrier to enhancing your business goal. You do not need to drain your sweat to get a selling point system. With the above free POS systems, you can enhance your inventory and order management as well as make credible business decisions. Check out more information on how does POS System work for your online business in the UK.